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Our blog site is all about radio and broadcasting. Now if you think that in today’s Internet age traditional radio stations are out of fashion and Internet based live streaming is in, you cannot be more wrong. There are literally thousands of radio stations many having niche areas like religion and spirituality that go on air the old fashioned transmitter way. Then there are small low powered radio stations usually run by colleges and educational institutions that cater to specific groups.

The spirit of radio stations and broadcasting is very much alive and kicking in spite of being literally smothered by Internet based live streaming broadcasts. There are people who are diehard supporters of radio stations catering to their type of music – blues, jazz, pop, rock, et al. This is the core of our reader mix and we are proud to say that our blogs keep them interested and attached to our site.

What does our blog site have to offer visitors to our site? The most interesting thing is that we take visitors to our site behind the scenes of broadcasting and give them a clear picture of the intricacies of radio broadcasting.

A snap shot of what our site has to offer will clear the air in this regard. For one, we will tell you what it takes to set up a radio station and the formalities involved in it. We will offer you useful nuggets of information that even many DJs do not know about. For example, did you know that while a commercial radio station consumes thousands of watts, a low power one can be run on less than a thousand? Visit our site for a lot more.

One of our objectives is to make our site a highly interactive one. This is the reason why we invite write-ups from people who are as passionate about radio and broadcasting as we are. We are sure that such blogs will make our site more meaningful and incisive.